claimant information

What to expect from your home visit

Following written notification from your insurer informing you of their intention to ask THINCS Ltd. to visit, we will then contact you by phone to make arrangements for a suitable time and date. 

During the visit we will discuss your current medical condition and treatment and try to understand the dynamics around your occupation and whether that has had any impact on your condition.  We will also discuss any support systems you may have and any other issues, which may be impacting your condition. Finally there will be some discussion about your hopes and fears for the future both socially and occupationally.

What happens next?

A report will be presented to your insurer that may contain recommendations that will have been fully discussed with you before the end of the assessment meeting.  As a result of this report your insurer will have the information to make more informed decisions on the best way to manage your particular case.  As an addition to the management of your claim, the insurer may ask THINCS Ltd. to contact you in the future to discuss your on going treatment plans.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us.

Further information

Below are some links to various medical sites that could offer you some further insight and up to date thinking on your condition. Please note that these sites explain illness in general terms and that should they cause you some concern about your treatment then you should always direct your questions at your primary care team.   THINCS Ltd. are not responsible for the content of external sites.

» Directgov - Mental health: support while working

» Directgov - Mental health

» The Royal College of Psychiatrists - Mental Health Information

» BUPA Health Factsheet - Chronic fatigue syndrome